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International Tanaba


In Niger, in some cases, children attend classes sitting on the floor from lack of benches and crowded classrooms. When the few available benches are broken, they don't often get repaired.  We are helping to repair the broken ones so that the the children can work in adequate conditions. We work at the grass root level with the carpenters, the teachers, the children and their parents to put in place a system that ensures the sustainability of the school table benches.

Your generous gift will make a huge difference to them.

Loving, caring, empowering people and local communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, building capacities and resilience, stimulating creativity and innovation to exit the widespread and dehumanizing poverty.

We do it in partnership, acting as a link between those who can help and those who need help.


Our 5 areas of program work: 

  • Education 

  • Health 

  • Community harmony and reconciliation 

  • Conservation and environment

  • Sustainable Income Generation

We work for poverty relief in Sub-Saharan-Africa.

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